Psychological counseling / Conseil psychologique

Psychological counseling or support are often requisite and helpful for the ones that encounter difficulties in their life, experience losses, fight with anxieties, are caught in negative behavior patterns, having difficulties setting healthy boundaries and other aspects that affect the quality of life.

Psychology represents a tool of formation and psycho-behavioral change, centered on the investigation of the inner psychic life.

The frame of psychological counseling is a safe space, where you can voice your troubles without  judgement, guilt or competition in dialogue.

The psychologist is committed to respect psychologists’ code of deontology, keep full confidentiality of the client’s data and professional secrecy.

Duration: 50 min.

Languages: English, Romanian

Alexandra Nita : +352 691 104 725 /


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Authorization:  10133473/0

Alexandra Nita

Licensed Psychologist

With a finance background that carried me to an international path with numerous roles in prestigious multinational companies, I discovered and accepted that my passion for human psyche goes beyond personal development and growth, followed by years of studies and practice.

As a licensed psychologist, I have an integrative approach to support the person find the interior resources, motivation and understanding towards self.

The path of comprehension maladaptive behaviors and patterns that trigger negative effects for oneself and the ones around can be difficult and my role is to bring awareness, help on the road of self-discovery in a frame of empathy, safety and confidence.